What Oprah Winfrey Left Out

July 22nd, 2010

I just read Oprah Winfrey’s current newsletter. I followed a link to an article on her website entitled “5 Places Not to Hide Your Valuables”. It was good advice, but to me, very obvious: don’t leave your valuables in the master bedroom, bathroom, closet, dresser drawers, or nightstand.

A bewildered reader asked, “Then where should I keep my stuff?”

Well, I use diversion safes. They look like common household objects: soda cans,  soup cans, hairspray containers, etc. My favorite one looks like a flower pot!

I’ve also used the soda can safe to keep cash safe in my car. No one thinks twice about a soda can tossed on the floor of a car.

Diversion safes are inexpensive and very handy for storing valuables. They’re probably the cheapest security you can buy.

Pool Alarms For Children Save Lives

July 20th, 2010

In just the past 2 days, I’ve heard of three children dying because they entered an unattended swimming pool. And this is just in my home state!

When you consider the cost of pool alarms for children, it seems almost reckless not to have one. Small children and pets are little wanderers; it’s so easy for them to slip away unnoticed for a moment or two, and that’s all it takes for a tragic drowning accident to happen.

If you have a pool, please consider getting an easy-to-use swimming pool alarm system. It can alert you, with a loud alarm, to accidental entry into your pool – before it’s too late.